The Silkscreener

Print On Textiles In A Viennese Tavern

A video with Stephanie Klaura. She is our discovery of the year: The artist’s label FabricFabrik, founded in 2014, is specialized on a traditional printing technique – silkscreen.

The Carinthian-born artist studied painting at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Now she pursues her artistic activities in the realm of traditional handcraft. With an exceptional pattern repeat technique she creates sophisticated fabric collections in unconventional eight-meter lengths. But before she could get down to work, she and a carpenter friend had to first design and build an appropriate pattern repeat printing table with a special printing carriage. Now it is the centerpiece of the workshop, which is located in a former Viennese tavern in the 16th district.

Klaura refers back to the tradition of the Wiener Werkstätte.

Typical tavern flair won us over during our visit – warm hospitality and a glass of wine included. Klaura sees her studio as a place of creative dialogue between artists and designers, thus referring back to the tradition of the Wiener Werkstätte. In her work she investigates the potentials of the print medium: not only on fabric but also other materials, too, such as leather, wood, and screed. Renowned Austrian fashion labels, like Rosa Mosa, Gebrüder Stitch, and Natures of Conflict, count among her clients. Her typical design patterns, inspired by fractal structures and organic repetitions in nature, can also be found on furniture. Klaura printed the C/O Vienna logo on a cloth bag for us, so we could learn about the process of silkscreen printing step by step.

The artist Stephanie Klaura shares her knowledge about silkscreen printing in monthly DIY workshops. Info and registration:

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