22. - 25.9.: viennacontemporary 2016

international art fair in Vienna

This year once again Vienna will present contemporary art from more than 100 Austrian, East European and international Galeries from over 25 countries at the international art fair. Special presentations promise unusual insights into arts from ex-Yugoslavia and Albania, even North Europe. After last years premiere it will be held in the monumental Marx Hall in the 3. Viennese district.

To precise it would be the 13. Viennafair, but since last year the largest artfair Austrias is called viennacontemporary and it's moved from the Messegelände in the Prater to the Marx Hall in the 3. Viennese district. The former so-called Beefhall and it's 20.000 square metres was built in the end of the 19th century - being the first soft steel construction in Vienna - and was renovated in 2006. Since then concerts and fairs are held there and the viennacontemporary 2016 four days in the fall.

This year the single presentations of young Austrian artists, special presentations of Nordic Highlights (North European art from Finnland, Denmark und Sweden) and Ex-Yugoslavia (a selection of contemporary art from former Yugoslavian countries and Albania) are highly anticipated.

All special exhibitions and the links of the exhibitor list:
Zone 1
/ Solo Expanded/ Nordic Highlights/ Focus: Ex-Yugoslavia and Albania

and the general category: Established, Young und Reflections

Exhibiting countries:
Belgium/ China/ Denmark/ Germany/ Finland/ France/ Georgia/ United Kingdom/ Italy/ Croatia/ Lithuania/ Netherlands/ Austria/ Poland/ Romania/ Russia/ Sweden/ Switzerland/ Slovakia/ Slovenia/ Spain/ South Korea/ Turkey/ Hungary/ United Arab Emirates

Art directors: Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt and Renger van den Heuvel

The general program offers panel discussions, talks and lectures.

All Infos HERE

Marx Hall Vienna
Karl-Farkas-Gasse 19
1030 Vienna

exhibition dates:
22 - 25.9. 2016

opening times:
Thu & Fri, 22 & 23.9.: 11.00 am to 7.00 pm
Sat & Sun, 24 & 25.9.: 11.00 am to 16.00 pm