14.12. - 23.04.: Franz West - ARTISTCLUB

Tribute to the Artist

Till the 24th of April the 21er Haus will present central works by the Austrian artist Franz West (1947–2012) in an exhibition entitled Franz West – ARTISTCLUB. The works on view were made by 36 different artists in collaboration with Franz West. Any visitor to the 21er Haus exhibition is invited to interact with the objects.

Viewer participation and the collaboration with other artists play a central role in Franz West’s artistic practice. He continually challenged the relationship between the artist, the artistic work, and the recipient in a radical way. The exhibition aims to reflect  West’s concepts of art as a participatory act, the inclusion of various artistic positions via the process of collaboration, and the associated idea of authorship.

The so-called Artistclub began as a participatory project started by West in 1999. Even though it did not achieve its desired form while  the artist was alive, here it can be experienced as a curatorial  idea. Starting  in  mid-January, this idea will be newly interpreted every second Wednesday between 6:00 and 9:00 PM. Heimo Zobernig’s  central four-meter-large  artwork  will,  in  this  sense,  specifically  serve as an “open stage” for lectures, talks, concerts, performances, and much more. Moreover, any visitor to the 21er Haus exhibition is invited to interact with the objects, which includes the opportunity to sit on any seating areas.

Program Schedule:

Ausstellungsführungen jeweils Sonn-und Feiertag, 15.00 Uhr

Kuratorenführungen Mi, 25.Jan. & 15.März 2017, jeweils 18.00 Uhr mit Kurator Harald Krejci. Er spricht über Wests Auffassung von Kunst als partizipatorischen Akt und sein Interesse an Gegenüberstellungen verschiedener künstlerischer Standpunkte in kollaborativen Prozessen (Teilnahme kostelnos mit Eintritts-Ticket).

Empfehlung der Redaktion:
Performance mit Philipp Quehenberger, Mi, 15. März & 19. April 2017 , jeweils 19.00Uhr

Weitere Programm-Punkte: Screenings, Vorträge, Soundperformances...alle Programminfos hier.

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