15.3.: Philipp Quehenberger-Performance in the #ARTISTCLUB

Free Jazz & Techno

The artist Franz West always was a great fan and supporter othe Austrian musican Philipp Quehenberger and organized many projects together during his lifetime. As a tribute to him Quehenberger will give a sound performance at the current exhibition Artistclub in the 21er house. The exhibition runs until April 24th showing the main works as participative and interactive project by the artist (1947 -2012).

The so-called Artistclub began as a participatory project started by West in 1999. Even though it did not achieve its desired form while the artist was alive, here it can be experienced as a curatorial idea in the sense of an interactive exhibition. Viewer participation and the collaboration with other artists play a central role in West’s artistic practice.  He continually challenged the relationship between the artist, the artistic work, and the recipient.

Philipp Quehenberger on Youtube

Philipp Quehenberger on Soundcloud

Already published albums at Editions Mego:
Phantom in Paradise (2007)
Uffuff (2011)
Content (2014)

21-er Haus
Quartier Belvedere
Arsenalstraße 1
1030 Vienna

Concert duration:
7pm - 8pm