About us

C/O Vienna Magazine – a project that comes from our hearts! We believe the wonderful city of Vienna is not just the pomp of Schönbrunn Palace and the Lippizaner stallions, not just the handful of B and C-list celebrities in the media – rather it’s the many terrific people who live here. Their ideas, their projects, their stories. Whether they’re creative, courageous, beautiful, bizarre, famous, or just average: The world out there needs to learn more about them.

Antje Mayer-Salvi

Editor In Chief

She is founder and chief editor of C/O Vienna Magazine. She’s always out there launching something new because what she’s looking for doesn’t exist – for example, the fantastic REDAKTIONSBUERO OST. She publishes books, directs films, writes screenplays and texts, takes care of (almost) all of the business matters, and privately collects way too much vintage clothing. Her journalistic passion is dedicated to art, architecture, fashion and all those people out there doing remarkable and daring things. If you really want to know more , click here.

David Meran

Managing Editor

What would C/O VIENNA MAGAZINE be without its managing editor, who ensures that everything runs smoothly in the editorial room while his ideas bring the craziest topics and people to the pages of the magazine. David pays strict attention that everything looks great and not just “okay” and can wrap the touchiest counterparts around his little finger with his eminent charm. He studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and works as an artist and freelance photographer. His passion for everything Japanese, owed to a longer stay in Tokyo, is matched with his love for beautiful fabrics. www.davidmeran.com

Viktoria Kirner

Junior Editor

VIKTORIA originally comes from the rather dull industrial district of Lower Austria. Meanwhile she tours half of Europe with her successful band DIVES. Ute Bock motivated her indirectly to study JUS. She already wrote for The Gap and for the second print edition THE BEAUTY ISSUE by C/O VIENNA MAGAZINE.

Lara Ritter

Junior Editor

Lara loves to play with language, whether in lyrical or journalistic texts. Poems by Rilke, photo volumes by Annie Leibowitz and novels by Ross MacDonald give her moments of happiness. As a journalism student, she spent last winter in Paris, where she learned to love the city apart from the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. In Vienna she prefers to go to the theatre, to the cinema or on the street with her camera.

Paula Pankarter

Junior Editor

Paula brings a fresh breeze to offive. She loves philosophy, literature and theater and has already worked for the philosopher Günter Figal, where she has been editing his writings on theories of space, metaphysics and Heidegger. Sounds theoretical – it is! Our passionate theorist also loves fashion, it gives her traction. After devouring all the classics of literature during her schooldays and during her studies, being swept away in past epochs and never being found without a Reclam booklet, she is today enthusiastic about the present and about what drives people today.

Lisa Peres

Senior Editor

Besides her longstanding activities as a newspaper, radio, and television journalist – for example, as a moderator for the Austrian channel ATV and Redaktionsbuero Ost – every now and then she could be found on different stages as a singer. After her vocal training at the Mozarteum in Salzburg followed – simply since it was also pretty interesting – an education as a certified textile designer, and then she graduated to become a professional speaker. At C/O Vienna Magazine she writes and films diverse contributions and portraits.

Eva Holzinger

Junior Editor

Eva Holzinger was born in Upper Austria in 1990. She studied theatre, film and media studies as well as journalism and communication studies in Vienna, Copenhagen and Berlin. 2015 - 2017 she worked for brut Wien, today she is an independent production manager in the field of dance and performance. She also works as a freelance editor. She thinks yoga is great, as well as "Saure Radler".

Lisa Lugerbauer

Junior Editor

The young editor has been writing and interview- ing for us since this year. In her free-time the Vien- nese-by-choice and history student likes to go “birding”, read: bird watching and making photographs.

Shilla Strelka

DJ and editor for Music & Culture

Shilla is Culture Journalist, Festival Curator and Concert Organizer. Her journalistic and curator practise focuses on experimental and subversive artistic expression, pop culture and the thin line between civilized culture and alternative culture. In 2012 she organised the concert series Struma+Iodine which focuses on contemporary electronic (Club)Music. Since 2015 she curates the Unsafe+Sounds festival, since 2016 she organizes the summer concert series Parken im Wiener Votivpark (Parking in the Viennese Votiv park) and since 2017 the series Azephal + Aleph in the “Alten Schmiede”. She regulary performs as DJ Inou Ki Endo.

Maria Schoiswohl

Editor of Architecture, Design & Art

She has been a freelance journalist for more than ten years with a passion for travel, design, and art. Learning from living. Formal education at the University of Vienna (Magistra/Doctor in Communication Science) and the Austrian Journalism Training Association in Salzburg. (Hiking) book author and biographer. Loves sushi and spaghetti, airports and the early morning, clear forms and floral kitsch. Likes to bake bread. Knits occasionally. Has been in about 50 countries of the planet. Knows that life is too short to be bored. Quenches her thirst for the world and fun with language in work for various media. www.frohgemut.at

Petra Zechmeister

International Editing & Contacts

She graduated from the University of Art and Design in Linz and started then her studies in Business Administration in Vienna. She lived and worked for nearly two decades alternately in Vienna and New York and has established herself again in Austria recently. She works regularly since 2009 for the Redaktionsbuero OST in Vienna and New York. For the C/O Vienna Magazine she cares about the international contacts and the editorial organization.

Nadine Cordial Settele


She studied International Business and Social Sciences in Paris and Vienna. Until 2016 she worked and lived in Vienna as a freelance photographer, a PR agent for ABC Communication and for the Vienna Design Week. At the moment she’s finishing her Masters in Curating and Collections in London. Nadine who has Philippine and German roots grew up in Ulm (Germany). Her photos are mostly analog. She also has a weakness for Plants, Hiphop and Vintage Kimonos. Furthermore she’s interested in projects concerning our identity and existence in the 21st century. She does interviews and shoots photos for C/O Vienna Magazine regulary - formerly in Vienna, now from London.

Paul Pibernig


He grew up in East Styria and works as a photographer since 2010 on various projects, publications and exhibitions beyond the Austrian borders. He’s extremely interested in every aspect connected to photography and images generally. He graduated in Drama, Film and Media Sciences at the University of Vienna. His thesis was on the development and distribution of stereoscopy in the 19th century. Apart from his work as a photographer he appreciates being part of the collective YOU HAVE YOUR FAMILY I HAVE MINE.

Gerald Zagler

Videoproducer & Editor

He studied art history at the University of Vienna – focus: modern and contemporary art. He has published works about art on building sites and about the European avant-garde. Early on he had an interest in film and works today as a cameraman, cutter, and production assistant for diverse documentary film projects. As a video journalist he has made contributions to derStandard.at, The New Contemporary Blog, and presently for C/O Vienna Magazine. Gerald Zagler loves Afro-American music in all its facets. For him, there’s nothing better than cooking and eating.

seite zwei - branding & design 

Art Direction

seite zwei is the design partner of C/O Vienna Magazine. The Designbureau from Vienna was founded in 2011 by Stefan Mayer and Christian Begusch. With their team, they develop and inspire innovative design for brands, products and institutions in the commercial and cultural sector. They are sharp analysts and love clear arguments. Straightforwardness and directness are also characteristics of their design language. Manuela Neuner and Christoph Schörkhuber design as art directors.


Coding & Technical Support

Georg Schreiner


Born and raised in New York exile, he began as a translator at a young age, a profession he has been pursuing for almost thirty years, in addition to a constantly expanding list of other activities. Not only beautiful, but indescribably beautiful, he finds the Austrian word "herbsteln".

Peter Blakeney & Christine Schöffler


Since the first online and print edition, the duo based in Vienna has been on board with us as translators. For our BEAUTY ISSUE we asked them what has changed in their lives since our last edition:

"A scar is a mark of beauty. We have new scars."

NOUS was founded ten years ago in Vienna as a communication project with digital handheld technologies and today is one of the leading providers in the field of mobile guides and multimedia communication. NOUS develops projects in collaboration with architects and museum planners and advises institutions on the transformation of the communication strategies in an increasingly digitalized world. Among other works, the know-how of NOUS is behind the award-winning streaming portal of the Vienna State Opera and in the new website of C/O Vienna Magazine.