The Vienna RAD-WG

A Safe Haven for Bikes

In the RAD-WG (Bike Community) you can park and repair your bike and meet other people.

Lisa Schmidt is the creative mind behind the Rad-WG. The first prototype is located on Schmalzhofgasse 8 nearby Mariahilferstraße in the 6th district. The idea is simple and practical: The Rad-WG turns empty ground floor premises into comfortable and safe storage rooms for bikes. You can maintain and repair your bikes there. The idea actually comes from an own need.

“Things often happen in Vienna 5 or 10 years later than in other cities. But the good thing is that you then can do it even better.”

Organizer Lisa Schmidt loves to ride her bike a lot. But everyone knows the problem: Where can I park my trusty bicycle? And where is it safe? And repair it? Exactly, in the Rad-WG. I simply call or email the organizer Lisa Schmidt and make an appointment to pick up the chip – for just 18 euros per month – so I can go in and out of the Rad-WG.

And if I want, I can also rent a locker compartment. There I’ll also meet like-minded people from the neighborhood. “Our aim for the future,” says Lisa Schmidt, “is that 50 to 100 meters away from your house door is the next Rad-WG.”

HERE you find our Video-Interview with Lisa Schmidt

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Lisa Schmidt
+43 (0)699/ 17144890

Wiener Rad WG

Schmalzhofgasse 8
1060 Vienna
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