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Purist Concept Fashion

The Viennese designer is known for her purist and conceptual approach to fashion. Ute Ploier has made a name for herself internationally with her high-quality menswear collections, and since recently she also creates fashion for women.

Ute Ploier’s approach to fashion sounds simple, but it is skillfully elaborated to the last detail:
"I am not a formal designer; for me, the idea, concept, and social aspects are paramount,” says the Linz native who studied fashion in London at Central Saint Martins College and at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

“Every collection tells a story!"

In 2013 at the Hyères Fashion and Photography Festival in France she was selected as the best menswear designer, and shortly thereafter she founded her own men’s fashion label, which established itself globally – especially in Japan. Ploier reasons this in an interview with the daily newspaper Die Presse as follows:

“When one is involved in the avant-garde segment Japan is always an important market – that’s where the craziest items in my collection are sold.”

The purist character of Ploier’s collections resembles an eclectic Gesamtkunstwerk with sophisticated design elements; she loves to play with illusions, investigates conventional role models, fashion clichés, and dress codes.

After more than ten years of men’s fashion Ploier has launched her first women’s collection in the A/W 2015 season. What set the wheels in motion? Her own wedding dress.

But she remains true to her conceptual design approach.

Ute Ploier has won numerous prizes, works together with the British chain Topman, among others, and since October 2015 is the head of the bachelor program “Fashion & Technology” at the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz.

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Die Presse/Modeschöpferin Ploier: „In Österreich verkaufe ich null“

Ute Ploier Showroom

Rüdigergasse 8/3
1050 Vienna
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