Rosenberg Community Garden

Gardening in the 17th District

Since spring 2012 district residents together with institutions from the neighborhood, such as children groups, schools, and the local community center, have been enjoying the Rosenberg community garden in Josef Kaderka Park in the Hernals district.

At first, in 2011, it was actively supported by institutions like Wohnpartner, Gartenpolylog, the MA42 municipal department, or Vienna’s waterworks; two years later the gardeners cultivated the space as an independent association. “Neighborhood” is key: Besides gardening there are regular garden parties or other interesting events where one can encounter other local residents.

By the way, the beds of the Rosenberg community garden are very sought after! Best thing you can do is to sign yourself up on the waiting list and hope for luck at the annual raffle. The date of registration is decisive. Definitely worth a try!

Gemeinschaftsgarten Rosenberg

Josef-Kaderka-Park/ Ecke Vollbadgasse/ Alszeile
1170 Vienna
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