Neu Marx Garden

The Temporary Upcycling Garden

In the community garden Neu Marx old beds, cabinets, coffee bags, or old bath tubs are the homes in which plants grow here. It is a garden for a limited period of time, a garden surrounded by media technology and the world of science, in the midst of a gigantic construction site, which bizarrely makes the little bit of green look like a fata morgana in the desert.

This community garden emerged in May 2015 on the property of WSE Wiener Standortentwicklung GmbH, which offered the 1000 m2 area along Maria-Jacobi Gasse in the third district for temporary and interim usage for the following two to three years.

Since then all people working in the neighborhood and interested gardeners are welcome to individually work with the surface for free. The premise: Old becomes new! Containers for plants can be old buckets, PET bottles, cans, furniture, defunct household appliances, beverage crates, but also old bricks and unused stillages of the nearby construction sites. Also collectively cultivated “business beds” or “family beds” are possible!

Expert advice comes from the initiators and members of the Gartenpolylog association.

Mag. Ursula Eripek
+43 (0)1  720 30 50 - 32

Neu Marx Garten

1030 Vienna
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