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A New Fashion Concept

“The Seasonal” is a constantly growing fashion collection: Every year the Viennese designers Kathrin Lugbauer and Nora Berger create simple classics for women. Durable accessories and something of a trademark: riding hats straight from the Wild West.

Kathrin Lugbauer and Nora Berger call their fashion label Natures of Conflicts (NOC). The fashion designers have been working together since 2008 and got to know one another during their studies in the fashion class at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Building on the work of their teachers Veronique Branquinho and Raf Simons, they conceive simple classics.

"We design wearable wardrobe for strong, independent women, according to their own formulation of their design approach."

In 2010 the fashion journalist Anne Feldkamp wrote in the daily newspaper Der Standard:
“Symptomatic of the interest in Oriental elements is also the approach of Austria fashion designer Kathrin Lugbauer from the Viennese label Natures of Conflict.”
And quotes Lugbauer:
“I investigated costumes from the Middle East because I find Arabic countries very exciting.” One year later the two designers drew their inspiration from shamanism and the Maori.

Most of their past collections were influenced by ethnic cultures.

A fixed component in their collections and something like their trademark are the classic riding hats, inspired by those from the Wild West. In 2014 Lugbauer and Berger began with a new fashion concept based on the values of complete freedom and sustainability: “The Seasonal” is a continuously growing collection, which is enhanced each year with a number of new fashion pieces.

Natures of Conflict’s public presentations are legendary and documented as video clips:

For example, the A/W collection 2011/12 along the Liliputbahn miniature railway in Vienna’s Prater park:

Or the A/W 2012/13 on a ship on the banks of the Seine in Paris. And a year later also in Paris:

They personally directed the video for The Seasonal N°1 A/W 2015/16:


The Seasonal is also available here:

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Natures of Conflict Atelier

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