Magazin am Getreidemarkt

Art, champagne and clothes

Magazin am Getreidemarkt is a fashion store, art gallery, and living room in one, located between Gumpendorferstraße and Museumsquartier in the 6th district. Besides fashion from Paris and Milan Michael Edinger aka Baron Mucki – as his friends call him – also offers his own collection for the woman of the world in Vienna.

With his boutique Michael Edinger wanted “to do something different for once”. For him, fashion is a lifestyle, and although he has already lived in London, Paris, and Rome, he opened his store in Vienna after all. In the end of the day, “it is still the most livable cities of all”.

It is the perfect address for lovers of art, cashmere, and gorgeous dresses in quality fabrics. Visitors can soak up inspiration in the lounge area along with a glass of champagne or a cup of coffee or browse through the carefully selected fashion items by international designers (such as Sophie Yang Berlin or Gabriel Matthäus Schlesinger). The walls are covered with artworks, underneath them are precious coffee table books.

“For the Viennese everything has to be functional and suitable for work or biking.” (Mucki)

The classic yet modern cuts of the featured designers are inspired by the 1950s and 60s. Accessories like classic pumps, scarves, shoppers, jewelry, but also little gifts like keychains, picture books, or iPhone sleeves are available. But Edinger is also happy if you just pass by for a little chat.

Every three to four months there are exhibitions and live performances by befriended artists.

Magazin am Getreidemarkt

Getreidemarkt 11
1060 Vienna
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