Breaking with Traditions

The name stands for clear design: Lucy.D create everyday objects and furniture with a sensuous aura and functional details. Their repertoire is far-reaching: from objects in the dining and culinary realm to hats and even furniture programs for the office.

The industrial designers Barbara Ambrosz and Karin Santorso follow a conceptual design approach; they work holistically, coordinate the smallest details, and everything is well-thought out to the end. They question traditions, value systems, and perpetually renewing human needs.

Their designs incorporate many facets, from product and furniture design to interior architecture and corporate branding.

The designers’ approach is everything but dry.

For example, the tea spoon “Tèo” for the Italian design company Alessi is about celebrating the small moments of the day – drinking a cup of tea. It is designed so you can press out the tea bag with the spoon at the same time. “Tèo” was awarded the prestigious Italian design prize “Compasso d’Oro”.

Ambrosz and Santorso have been working together under the label Lucy.D since 2003, and they have created products on a wide range of themes in this time. “We see ourselves as generalists in the field of design. The projects have a direct connection with our lives,” say the designers.

“One of our favorite motifs is food and nutrition, the emotional aspect is the nice thing."

They have developed diverse objects in this realm, such as the “Ryker” plate, a vintage plate ennobled with platinum, or the “Liquid Skin” drinking bowl for the renowned Viennese glass manufacturer J. & L. Lobmeyr, which deals with the archaic feeling of drinking from your hands. The drinking bowl has been added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Lucy.D have received many other international awards as well. For instance, the 2015 Wallpaper Design Award for the “Landtmann Collection”, an all-occasion cake collection for the traditional Viennese coffee house Landtmann. For a year the designers explored the high art of patisserie. Their starting point: How can we redefine the celebration of occasions with cake?
The result has a system: Combine cakes out of different building blocks, everything can be personally decided, and in the end each cake combination is one-of-a-kind yet with a similar visual quality. Since many years the duo has also been interested in new forms of working.

“People are at the heart of our designs."

"Our aim is to make work and communication processes easier and more comfortable, to break with stereotyped behavior, so we devised, for example, office chairs that facilitate an open and relaxed sitting position.”

Lucy.D are also strong women in the realm of new technologies: They are currently collaborating on the research project “Robotic Woodcraft” at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

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Barbara Ambrosz
Karin Santorso

LUCY.D Studio

Laudongasse 9
1080 Vienna
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