One-and-a-half car lengths of green

“Isn’t public space more than just a romping ground for cars?” In response to this concern the art und culture association Hinterland and the manager of the porcelain manufacture feinedinge* set up a miniature green oasis in the middle of the dense Margareten district.

But it shouldn’t be yet another gastronomy terrace here on Krongasse in the fifth district, which you can only use if you consume something, rather a small urban farm following the motto “Green Rules Over The Car”.

Since more than two years in the summer months (May 1 to September 30) the art association Hinterland and the porcelain manufacture feinedinge* have been cultivating a surface equivalent to one-and-a-half parking places. In the inner city a small quiet zone has emerged with all kinds of vegetables, fruit, and plants. Deck chairs invite passersby for a rest and the wooden boxes converted into raised beds provide visual protection from the street.

And it seems to be contagious: Other shop owners and individuals from Krongasse have also started to revitalize their façades with various potted plants!


Krongasse 20
1050 Vienna
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