Karmelitermarkt in the 2nd district

Bobostan And Beans

"On Saturday we usually bike to the Karmelitermarkt – enjoy a first or second breakfast and go shopping in peace: preferably vegetables at Krautwerk, they grow rare sorts, bio of course. (Lisa Schmidt)

You can always discover new things there, like the spicy Asian salads. You can find the best vegan breakfast porridge at Zimmer 37 – during the week they also cook fantastic five-element dishes.

After shopping we stop by the café Einfahrt. Latest here we run into a number of familiar faces, and especially in summer we hang around till well past midday – the white wine spritzers taste exceptionally good sitting under the pergola.

Insider’s tip: The Uhudler Frizzante in spring! And afterwards a fish bread roll at Wulfisch just up the street on Haidgasse. It is a great way to spend a Saturday.


Krummbaumgasse / Leopoldsgasse / Haidgasse
1020 Vienna
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