grätzlhotel meidlinger markt

Like a Guest at the Neighbors

Like being at a friend’s place with the entire city as your hotel lobby right at your doorstep. In this hotel you can stay in a former lamp store or bakery in the area around the Meidlinger Markt. Ground floor and right in the middle of the neighborhood, and you won’t notice that the classic reception desk is missing.

With its dense population of Greek and Turkish vendors the traditional Meidlinger Markt in Vienna’s 12th district has an oriental flair. The grätzlhotel suites are located directly next to the market and are called – depending on their former function – “the rose vendor”, “the record shop owner”, “the market barker”, or even "the civil servant”. The apartments are located on the ground floor. You can check and get information at Café Milchbart, directly on the market. You’ll certainly get tips there you won’t find in any travel guide.

At the heart of the grätzlhotel idea is social interaction with the immediate neighborhood. The closely located business partners – from a massage studio and the Turkish bakery to the beauty parlor and the tailor – are recommended to the guests. Tourists get to see the city with different eyes while the neighborhood network is strengthened.

Theresia Kohlmayr and Fanny Holzer-Luschnig (Urbanauts Hospitality Group), the strong women curating this concept, are continuously developing new locations for their hotel idea.

The grätzlhotel also offers suites on Karmelitermarkt in the 2nd  district and in the Karolinenviertel in the 4th district. Suites in the 20th district are already in planning.

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Café Milchbart

Meidlinger Markt
1120 Vienna
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