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Eva Buchleitner, the designer behind the bag label EVA BLUT, develops her designs from contemporary concepts of space, combining them with traditional techniques, smart details, and innovative material mixes. Her bags are a fashion statement and functional at the same time.

“For me it is about looking for a new principle of spatial design. I start by experimenting with paper and work my way toward basic geometric principles”,...

...explains Eva Buchleitner in conversation with C/O Vienna Magazine about the design process for her bags. In 1999 Buchleitner founded the label EVA BLUT in Vienna. In the beginning she realized collections in the realms of fashion, accessories, and product design. Since 2009 she has been concentrating exclusively on high-caliber leather goods – first and foremost, bags in all forms and variations. Bags have been a passion of Buchleitner since the very start because she didn’t want to “carry these hard things against the body”. She posed the question: “How can bags be different, how can they have a different relationship with the body?” This physical approach was also decisive for the succinct and – in Buchleitner’s own opinion – rather quirky label name EVA BLUT.

Buchleitner’s bags are wearable design objects; they are distinguished by their functionality and transformability.

With just a few quick motions, the size and function can often be adapted to personal needs. The designs are calm and minimalist; a lasting effect already comes from their distinct forms and the playfulness with materials: the finest types of leather such as calf, nubuk, and goatskin meet modern technical materials like net structures from nylon.

Buchleitner designs a trend collection each season. Furthermore, there is also the permanent bike accessory line “Velocité – Bicycle Bags” and the new nonseasonal collection “Future Classics”. The latter, says Buchleitner, is an attempt to create completely timeless design – a future classic.

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