The Refugee Helper

To Live With Refugees

A short film about a wonderful project.

Why can refugees not just stay in homes instead in mass accommodation? Franzsika Sprenger, Michael Sikyta, Otto J. Simon and David Zistl launched the project Flüchtlinge Willkommen Österreich (Refugees Welcome Austria) in Vienna in early 2015th. They find rooms for refugees with living groups and families. The idea originated in Germany and now has 54 volunteers throughout Austria. First the living group or family registers with the platform. Then open questions and financing possiblities are cleared up. When everything is certain then there is a meeting to get to know each other. The requirement is a separate room for the person for at least six months.

We visited the photographer Markus Rössle who lives in the 1st district of Vienna who accommodated Jack and Omar from Syria!

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