The Lieblings Brand Manager

Austrian Fashion and Design Labels At One Glance

Curious about fashion and design from Austria but no time or energy to trudge round all the shops? Now it is possible to comfortably get to know Austrian designers and their products, clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. on and purchase them “fresh from the studio”, so to speak. We talk to the founder Cloed Baumgartner.

All your favorite labels at one glance, following the motto “together we are stronger”. Each designer presents his or her own profile there, can personally put products online and sell them on their own account. Incidentally, Lieblingsbrand was financed by crowdfunding.

The genius idea comes from the busy Viennese fashion designer and innovation manager Cloed Baumgartner (Also known as: Priscilla & Pat). Together with Jasmin Ladenhaufen, the Swiss native also organized the Modepalast, Austria’s biggest designer pop-up store, and is known for her own fashion label “Milch – 100% Upcycling”. We met her for a talk in Vienna during the opening party on Yppenplatz in the 16th district.

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