Mom & Dad

at my home

My father lived and worked in the basement. My mother was the mistress of the upstairs in our house in Buchbach in Upper Bavaria. As far back as I can remember, choosing a gift for my dad at Christmas or for his birthday always started with the question: "Does he already own the latest FC Bayern Munich fan outfit?"

Once, a friend of mine described my mom as “a handful.” I didn’t quite understand him at first, but now I do. When she is present, everything she’s saying and doing she does with one hundred percent effort— and at one hundred percent volume.

Since my father began building up his own software-engineering- company in the basement of our family house in the early 90's, there was no need anymore to put on a pair of real trousers when going to work. So his day begins with him choosing one of the suits to put on that day or just dressing in the suit from the day before.

In the fragile, self-conscious time of adolescence it wasn’t always easy for me to deal with my mother’s energy. However, after entering adulthood, I started seeing her as more than Mom, as an independent woman giving up a lot for her family.

Working in the basement for over 25 years, always being at home, where your wife and your kids are, is causing problems and is very likely to get on your nerves soon. So my dad began annexing the whole basement, spending his working time as well as his free time there, furnishing his own workshop, carefully organising all his hardware, cables and tools, only going up to the first floor when my mom calls him, because the meals are ready. 

My mother did not have it easy. She was diagnosed with epilepsy and had to take strong medication with severe side effects. However, she did not let her condition get her down. She started a new hobby: dancing.

Next to the main door of the house on the wall there is a painting of Holy George  fighting against the dragon. George is the name of my father. My father doesn't show up to guests so often anymore, so this is sometimes the only George they get to see. Die Mama & der Papa 6

I wanted to photograph her in her home environment, but Mum also came up with all the other aspects of each portrait herself. 

FC Bayern fandom is deeply rooted in the family of my father. Not only he has a huge collection of merch and fanwear but also his parents my Oma and Opa, never miss a game. I asked my grandparents if I could come over to take their portraits, but they declined. When I asked them if I can stage them as FC Bayern fans, the immediately said yes and so, also if I am not a soccer fan at all, I wanna thank FC Bayern for making it possible to photograph my grandparents and my father.

My mum chose all her outfits and the room she was photographed in herself in her home. She designed the furnishings herself.

This interview is published in the print edition 5/2022 "The Province Issue". You can order it here in out shop.
Claudia Holzinger (*1985) is an intermedia artist, graphic designer and photographer who exhibits internationally. She studied graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, as well as photography in Juergen Teller's class in Nuremberg. She grew up in Upper Bavaria and currently lives and works in Berlin.