The Healer

curative consumption

Healing stones and their strange power, which they pretend to have on the human body and mind, have always fascinated Sarah Steiner. But Steiner’s stones are different: they are adapted to our reality of life in a contemporary way–Healing Stones 2.0. They consist of Iphone, Terra-Pura dog food, yoga mats, Alnatura wholemeal cookies and Essie nail polish. At the interface between capitalism and transcendence–insights from the work of the self-appointed stone goddess and artist Sarah Steiner. 


Characteristics & effects

The Biancoid, also known as women‘s ice or Mary’s glass, is a special stone because it is not necessarily suitable for solving physical problems. Its high transparency makes it all the more a stone that is used for intellectual development

“It has the ability to store and transfer information. This would also explain why the stone is sometimes also known as phone stone.”

Sensitive people can also use it for telepathic communication, as it has the ability to store and transfer information. This would also explain why the stone is sometimes also known as phone stone. People who had a piece of the same Biancoid, were able to exchange information.


Characteristics & effects

The Brexidian is also called the stone of the genius, often forming double pyramids, so-called octahedrons. This form is certainly the most curative for our mind, as it increases our brain activity. It stimulates the hemispheres of our brain to work together optimally. The stone is irreplaceable, be- cause it was given to us from the cosmos in order to increase our intellect and expand our consciousness

“There is also evidence of success in the treatment of mental illness.”

Due to its variety of colors, the Brexidian is one of those stones with which all energy centres can be treated. It teaches us to take responsibility for all our actions and to strengthen our self-confidence and concentration. There is also evidence of success in the treatment of mental illness. We can also work with the Brexidian for meditation and inspiration. Finally it helps us to solve emotional blockages, breathing problems, heart and circulati- on problems.


Characteristics & effects

The Granat sets our soul in gentle vibrations and promotes our love and tenderness as well as our sense of all beauty. It helps artists, especially musicians, painters and poets, to exploit their full potential. Since the Granat has calming and soothing powers, it promotes the healing of all heart diseases. Set in gold, it has a beneficial effect on multiple sclerosis. With a rough stone about the size of a fist, you can protect yourself well from earth rays, water veins and the negative radiation from electrical appliances

“The Granat is a great help for children in puberty, but also for men who have problems accepting their female side.”

The stone should be placed eighty centimetres away from the sleeping area and unloaded at least three times a week. Such stones are also effective against insomnia. Hardened scar tissue can be massaged with a hand stone, which is also beneficial for bruises. The Granat is a great help for children in puberty, but also for men who have problems accepting their female side.


Characteristics & effects

The Lactoit is often confused with Biancoit because of its appearance. It also has very similar healing effects, although from a mineralogical point of view there are no similarities. The Laktoit is often coloured artificially and mistakenly marketed as Granat. The best way to avoid this is to buy stones in specialist shops.  

“The best way to avoid fake stones is to buy them in specialist shops.”

The Lactoit has a positive influence on our bones, jointsnails and teeth. Above all, however, it has a strong diuretic effect and supports us in dieting. This stone is ideal for people struggling with eating disorders or obesity. Thanks to its draining effect, it removes the resulting swelling from the joints, especially in the legs.


Characteristics & effects

The Erdberg diamond, the most majestic stone of all, is probably the most valuable gift we have ever received. Through its universal healing power, it helps us with any problem whatsoever. But those who
are not mature enough for this stone and wear it for unnoble motives should be warned. It reflects all negative thoughts of the owner back on him. Many traditions tell that people who owned a larger Erdberg Diamond suddenly and strangely died or even voluntarily left life. 

“Many traditions tell that people who owned a larger Erdberg Diamond suddenly and strangely died.”

But all people who consciously work with love with this mineral will find endless possibilities. It owns a variety of applications ranging from the root to the parting center, both physically and psychologically. There is no need to list individual healing effects, as it is all-embracing and teaches us that the most universal power lies in the greatest purity and simplicity.


Characteristics & effects

The amazonite contains all the characteristics of the Plagit and has even stronger powers for our rootcenter due to its smoky brown tint. It is a stone that helps selfish people in particular to break with negative debris and behavioral patterns. The Amazonite has an extremely high ultrasonic frequence, which explains its strong healing powers. 

“This is a stone that helps selfish people.“

This stone is suitable for the treatment of addictions of all kinds. It helps
us in dealing with various kinds of addictions, such as smoking, alcohol or drug addiciton, but also with schizophrenia and strong depression with suicidal thoughts. It takes away fears, corrects mood swings and reduces material thinking, provided we strive for spiritual fulfilment. The Amazonite strengthens the skin and connective tissue as well as the muscle system, but it can also be used for treatment of infection and cancer

Viennese artist Sarah Steiner (31) studies Transmedial Art with Brigitte Kowanz at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She works primarily in a sculptural context, often using text as sculptural material. Sarah Steiner thinks that “beauty is what makes life worth living,” though it is better to enjoy it in small doses—too much beauty can make us sick. When asked what heals us, the artist laughs: “If only I knew!”