The Private Issue

print is not dead

Wow! The private edition – our print magazine – will be released at the Vienna Contemporary in late September. How do we want to live, work, and with whom will we have sex in the future? And how private are we? We at C/O VIENNA looked for answers to these questions and true to our fashion interviewed people about them. We wanted to bring a breath of fresh air into our editorial board and dared to do the unspeakable; publish a print issue of the C/O VIENNA MAGAZINE. And not any edition: 350 PAGES filled with interviews of thinkers, visionaries, odd fish, including numerous artworks and photo series. Long live print!

The bookazine is published in German and English, has 350 pages and a circulation of 8,000 copies. Boom!


The first print issue of C/O VIENNA MAGAZINE will be launched at the Viennese art fair VIENNA CONTEMPORARY in SEPTEMBER. There is also a release party at a fascinating and still secret location!

Join us!

We are still open to COOPERATIONS and ADVERTISEMENTS. The magazine is distributed internationally, for instance at the London Design Week, the Art Basel Miami, the Book Fair Frankfurt, the Viennese Take Festival as well as in bookshops, hotels, museums and galleries.

We interviewed architects, financial experts, creatives, thinkers, artists and visionaries about aspects of privacy and private life, and invited photographers to produce works for our stories.
“I don't know why people are so keen to put the details of their private life in public; they forget that invisibility is a superpower.” Bansky (artist)