6.12.: Nomadic Furniture 3.0 – Book Launch at the MAK

Do It Yourself

A wonderful book on that topic! The recently published book Nomadic Furniture 3.0 - New Liberated Living? by Martina Fineder, Thomas Geisler and Sebastian Hackenschmidt will be launched at the MAK.The book documents and analyzes the development of the (now again) highly topical Maker-movement and Do-it-yourself culture from the design and historic site perspective.

"Who are these players of the DIY movement? Where and how do they communicate with one another?"
Nomadic Furiture 3.0 relates to the Do-it-yourself guides from the 70s by American designers Victor Papanek and James Hennessey. They had pictures of furniture drafts and their building instructions, taking into concideration recycling, transportability and low production cost. A critical answer to the capitalist consumer culture.

Nomadic Furniture 3.0 - New Liberated Living? includes a vast number of historic images and building instrctions and deals with various questions on the history of the DIY movement. Where is its origin? Who are the players Where and how do they communicate with one another?

Published by Austrian design theorist Martina Fineder, Werkraum Bregenzer Wald director Thomas Geisler and MAK curator Sebastian Hackenschmidt and Christoph Thun Hohenstein director of the MAK, that had an exhibition in 2013 of the same title.

At the launch the relevance of DIY practise on new design and production strategies will be scrutinized on the example of DIY furniture. The authors will discuss the motivations of the DIY movement with hosts Harald Gründl and Ulrike Haele (Institute for Design Research Vienna) plus book designers Andreas Pawlik and Juliane Sonntag.

MAK, Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art
Stubenring 5
1010 Vienna

Starts at: 6pm

You can order the book here.

www.mak.at/ City Factory