23.6.: Film Premiere: "Whatever Happened to Gelitin"

Naked and close

"I decided to make a film that would equal to Gelitins Art: a surreal trip in search of the four members of the artists group, leading through an almost unfathomable creative cosmos." (Angela Christlieb, director)

Gallerist Salvatore Viviano and director Angela Christlieb embark on a search for the lost artist collective Gelitin, which since the 1990s has shattered the borders of “good taste” again and again with extravagant actions and installations. Interviews with old companions and artist friends in the U.S., Europe, and Asia are linked with anarchically montaged Gelitin archive material: intense, transgressive, experimental, gaudily colorful, funny, and virulent. (www.diagonale.at)

Trailer (AT 2016, 82 min, OmeU)

Director: Angela Christlieb
Script: Angela Christlieb
Cast: Salvatore Viviano, John Waters, Liam Gillick, Christian Meyer, Agnes Husslein-Arco, Carol Greene, Leo Koenig, Philippe Joppin, Emmanuel Perrotin, Massimo de Carlo, Casey Spooner, Tom Sachs, Tony Conrad
Camera: Angela Christlieb, Gelitin, Salvatore Viviano, Katarina Tubonjic, Knut Klassen, Philipp Fleischmann
Editor: Angela Christlieb
Sound: Salvatore Viviano
Music: Japanther, Philipp Quehenberger , Blueblut, Schuyler Maehl, Tankris, Trafo, XTMPLX
Sounddesign: Chris Janka
Additional Credits: Production Manager: Josef Platt
Producers: Angela Christlieb

Production: Aaangelfilm

Art Contemporary
Atelier Augarten
Scherzergasse 1A
1020 Vienna, Austria

+43 (0)1 513 98 56-24

Entry & Drinks: 19.00
Movie start: 20.30