OPEN CALL for Creative Hybrids - Beauty Issue #2

We are expecting the unexpected!

We are looking for artistic content for our new THE BEAUTY ISSUE. It will be published in May 2019. If you are an artist, photographer, illustrator or any other creative hybrid – show us your work and get published internationally. We are one of the most upcoming magazines from Vienna so try hard and send us visual content that will knock us down. The deadline for submission is already January 30, 2019.


After releasing our first 368-pages Print Issue in September 2018, our second Issue is already on its way. And this time we will devote ourselves to Beauty.

Our magazines are distributed internationally in the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, UK and other European countries. We are available at selected book, magazine and concept stores like Walter König.

Send us your art work and get published in English and German, the issue counts more than 350 pages, circulation 5.000 +. Art direction by Viennese branding & design office seite zwei. Deadline: JANURAY 30, 2019

"Beauty is variable, ugliness is constant."


It almost seems that talking about beauty exerts a similar fascination as beauty itself. Beauty largely determines eroticism and sexuality, beauty underpins the goals and desires of our lives, and beauty dominates as the norm the aesthetics of clothing and design of everyday objects.

From which ingredients does beauty develop? Where do we find beautiful things in the world? What is beautiful? Who determines what is beautiful and what is ugly? We’ll try to answer these questions by talking to people who might have found the answer. With Interviews, art works, photography and stories.

"If you have to release bad news to the public, it would help, if you are not ugly."


You can apply when you are a visual artists, photographer, graphic designer, illustrators, interdisciplinary artists. Be aware of the fact that your artwork will be printed.

All media are accepted: photography, mixed-media, drawings, painting, illustrations, paintings, digital paintings, graphics.

Please make sure that you submit works / photos that are suitable for the publication in a magazine. Please write to us - obligatory - with a few words of your own, what your contribution might look like in our magazine


Please submit your works based on the following guidelines:

– 10 images max.

– Submission size: no smaller than 1.200 pixels and 72 dpi in JPG format. If you get accepted, we will ask you to submit the high-resolution file.

– Please name and number your images according to this format: (Lastname_Firstname_ArtworkTitle_nr) Smith_John_MyPainting_1

– Send an E-MAIL / Wetransfer until January 30, 2019