SAMBA Garden

The temporary community garden in Leopoldstadt

The name Samba is derived from the German word for seed bank – a plant protection institute was formerly located in this area, the so-called Volkert and Alliierten quarter. Today, between Taborstraße and Alliiertenstraße, there is a community garden.

The community garden along Marinelligasse emerged from an idea by engaged local residents in 2013. Thanks to the commitment of the district authorities, the plans could be successfully realized together with the initiators. At least it is possible to use the premises for gardening until a projected park is completed there, presumably in 2017. In the meanwhile, a big communal bed and 24 individual beds are available.

Guests are welcome, but harvesting is only granted to the local gardeners.


Verein Garten Samba

Garten SAMBA

1020 Vienna
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