PUFF the bar

The former brothel in the 6th district

Once a trendy night club, PUFF Bar is today a stage for all the night birds of this world. However, the name is the only thing reminiscent of the former function in the present-day design bar. Only the drinks are for sale. Now everyone has to work out potential sex adventures on their own.

The new disco glitter of PUFF with its light flowers made from old PET bottles was designed by the Viennese design duo “Walking Chair”. 99 colorful LED lights on the pitch-black ceiling can be controlled by the guests with a remote control. Another specialty are the “cocktail machines” scattered between the six tables. They were welded together from old flea market junk. Guests can pour their cocktails – shaken or stirred – right into their own glass.

You can also get the so-called “high balls” here, more than a dozen mixtures with different sorts of gin and tonic, soda or lemonade.

+43 (0)1 581 09 31
+43 (0)664 534 6564

opening times:
Tue – Thur: 7.00 pm – 2.00 am
Fri – Sat: 7.00 pm – 4.00 am
Sun & Mon: closed


"Puff", die Bar

Girardigasse 10
1060 Vienna
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