House of the very island’s Studio

Pioneers in Ecological Fashion Design

“House of the very island's club division middlesex klassenkampf but the question is where are you, now?” – that’s the complete name of the label – stands for wearable unisex ecological fashion from fair production conditions, designed by Karin Krapfenbauer and Markus Hausleitner.

Already during their studies in fashion at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, their fashion was marked by cross-dressing, diversity, and gender discourse. In 2006 they founded the label “House of the very island's” – the short name of the label – together with other colleagues. The fashion collective broke up in 2008, and since then Karin Krapfenbauer and Markus Hausleitner have been running it as a duo. They explain what their fashion is about in the video from “freunde von freunden".

“You could call our fashion: avant-garde casual wear for all sexes!"

"Unisex fashion that transforms conceptual approaches into looks reduced to the essentials,” says Krapfenbauer. 

Furthermore, the ecological dimension is also of great importance. The designs originate from biologically and sustainably produced fabrics and materials. Hausleitner elucidates that it’s not just an ideological decision but also an answer to the question:

"How does something look and feel, which I would also wear myself?"

Political correctness and social fairness meet aesthetic components. That the highest quality is also thrown into the mix goes without saying. Characteristic of the looks: handwoven textures, living organic colors, and the smooth wearability of the biological fabrics. The idea for a collection often begins with a song. For Hausleitner, in particular, music is a vital source of inspiration. He emphasizes that he cannot make a separation between music and fashion. That’s why you will also find him every now and then behind the DJ booths of Vienna’s legendary clubs.

(only with notice in advance!)

House of the very island‘s Studio

Donaufelderstr. 15

1210 Vienna
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