24.05. - 26.05.: Hyperreality 18'

get hyper

Let’s get hyperreal: On May 24, 25 & 26 Hyperreality, the musical outlet of the Wiener Festwochen, continues its exploration into new realms of musical sub-genres, once more reaching beyond stylistic and euro-centric boundaries. Formerly a coffin factory, this year’s venue, the F23 which is situated in the outskirts 23rd district of Vienna, correlates in its industrial aura with the underground acts the festival seeks to promote.

Last year’s edition has proven that the festival is indeed hyperreal in its ability to sense and select up-and-coming artists. Being one of the few festivals internationally that count with over 50% of female or non-binary identifying artists, it send out a strong political message for self-conscious emancipation and diversity in all its forms. A fierce social statement that is much appreciated/very welcomed in times of political uncertainty.

The artists confirmed so far promise an appealing mix of internationally renowned acts and local favourites:

3gga, Aïsha Devi, Arca, Ash B.*,Born In Flamez, Buddah*, Byrell The Great*, Cakes Da Killa*, Divoli S'vere, DJ As(s)ault, Dj Haram , DJ Hauswein, DLycox, DJ Warzone, Ebow, Electric Indigo, FAKA, FARCE, FAUNA pres. Infernum (Ventil Records Album Release), FLOHIO,
Florentino, Gabber Eleganza, Gaddafi Gals, God Colony, Gregg Evisu XL*, JASSS, Jung An Tagen, KABLAM, Karen Gwyer, Kelela, Leggoh*
Lsdxoxo*, Machine woman, Meuko Meuko, MikeQ*, Mina, Nina Kraviz, Quay Dash, quest?onmarc* , Real Geizt / Splidttercrist // Imitierte Signale, sega bodega & SHYGIRL, Shiva Feshareki & Kit Downes, 𝕾𝕿ILL, Therese Terror, Tygapaw, Ziú

*Qween Beat Showcase