1.6.: The Space Lady – live in the Rhiz

Cosmic Art

The Space Lady is Susan Dietrich Schneider, a street-performing singer based in Colorado, USA. Originally beginning on the streets of Boston in the late 70s, she has recently begun playing again.

It seems a lifetime ago when The Space Lady was only a name whispered in niche music circles or bellowed on San Franciscan street-corners. The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits appeared in Autumn 2013 and heralded an exciting few months as the near-mythical “outsider” street musician’s star ascended. Now, not even a year later, The Space Lady will be embarking on a full month-long European mainland tour following her successful “stage-debut” tour through USA and the UK.

More info on the article "The Space Lady Has Landed" (Vice Magazine)

Video: The Space Lady performs live at the Plaza in Santa Fe on March 19, 2013:

Rhiz Vienna

metro bow 37-38
1080 Vienna
start: 21.30

+43 (0)1 409 25 05

Ticket sale: soundbase / wienXtra Jugendinfo