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Building with citizens

“We focus on projects that inspire us and are fun to work on, and also where we can best employ our skills. This combination makes us happy.” (Caren Ohrhallinger)

nonconform, that’s Roland Gruber, Katharina Kothmiller, Peter Nageler, Caren Ohrhallinger, and 15 other co-workers, and they’re the creative minds behind a very successful concept: the nonconform ideas workshop:

When a municipality is faced with a public building project – it could be the design of a public space, the renovation of a school, the question of where to build the new town hall  – nonconform come upon invitation of the mayor for three days and work together with the citizens on site. The users are intensively involved in the process. Their needs and ideas find their way into the concept developed on site. For the method of the nonconform ideas workshop the architectural office has already been awarded the State Prize for Consulting 2008 and the 2012 distinction Austrian of the Year by the daily newspaper Die Presse in the category “Creative Industries, Research, Humanitarian Engagement, Cultural Management, and Economy”.

Function flexibility far into the future

nonconform stadthaus (“nonconform framehouse”) deals with functionally open planning. Instead of anonymous, sleepy residential neighborhoods, designers should develop sustainable and innovative spatial structures for the future. Based on the precedent of the time-tested Gründerzeit typology, diverse functional models are conceived according to needs: living, workshops, gastronomy, offices, shops, and kindergartens, everything in one habitat.

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