AFA – Austrian Fashion Association Showroom & Offspace

Fashion Rendezvous

Camille Boyer and Marlene Agreiter run the official funding organization for contemporary fashion design from Austria: the AFA – Austrian Fashion Association. Their showroom also serves as an off-space for fashion, photography, art, and music events.

Camille Boyer and Marlene Agreiter are working at the crossroads of fashion, culture, and economy at the Austrian Fashion Association, founded in 2013.

Their aim is to support Austrian fashion designers and help out wherever they can.

Moreover, each year they represent select fashion labels during the Paris Fashion Week at the so-called “AFA Showroom”. Also the annual Austrian Fashion Awards – where fashion designers are endowed with valuable prizes – can be traced back to their engagement.

The showroom in Vienna’s blossoming 7th district is available to artists and creative workers as an off-space for temporary exhibitions, pop-up stores, or performances.

With a special focus on transdisciplinary presentations of fashion with neighboring creative spheres such as photography, fine arts, performance art, and music. The spatial concept of the showroom by the young, outstanding artists Nick Oberthaler and Camille Boyer is a must-see: a mobile installation that plays with the idea of design with a wink of the eye.

Our Interview with Camille Boyer and Marlene Agreiter: "The AFA Founders"


(only with notice in advance!)

Camille Boyer
+43 (0)660 440 95 54

Marlene Agreiter
+43 (0)660 440 98 91

opening times:

Tue, Wed & Thu: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

AFA Austrian Fashion Association Office & Offspace

Lindengasse 27/1
1070 Vienna
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