The Wedding Photographer

Those who can afford it get him in person

The magazine American Photo selected Christian Oth as one of “the ten best wedding photographers in the world”. Normally the Vienna native is behind the camera. For c/o Vienna he made an exception and took a seat in front of it. We met him for an interview in his New York studio on the ninth floor of 147 West 25th Street.

Already as a young man the Austrian made the big jump across the pond to learn the art of photography from scratch in the land of endless possibilities. Becoming a wedding photographer was definitely not his plan – not until he was approached by a famous wedding planner. This fancied Oth’s unconventional mix of journalism and fashion photography, which shed the fake mannerism of usual wedding portraits. Shortly thereafter Hollywood came knocking at the door in search of photos for the blockbuster “Bride Wars”. And once the forest wedding of billionaire Napster founder Sean Parker landed in Vanity Fair, Oth was irrevocably “in”.

Couples from New York’s high society were waiting in lines to book him as the photographer for the most wonderful day of their lives.

Those who can afford it get him in person; otherwise you can book one of the 15 other photographers who work freelance for his studio. When Oth isn’t jetting around the world to shoot weddings for the super rich, he visits his family in Vienna. And what does he do there? Eats a cheese-filled Käsekrainer sausage!

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