20.2.: Die Sterne - Mach's Besser Wien

25 Years of Die Sterne

On February 10th, 2017 Die Sterne are releasing their new album Mach’s besser Wien celebrating their 25th anniversary with their own label Materie Records and with 25 conversations of their songs. Music from and with friends, companions, precursors and successors of the Band from Hamburg, including Peter Licht, Björn Beton, Isolation Berlin, Stereo Total, Lambert, Egotronic and many more. The cult band will present their album on February 20th in the Grelle Forelle in Vienna.

A feature by the fan culture for the new album: Mach’s Besser: 25 Jahre Die Sterne

With: Nicolas Sturm, Björn Beton, Kreisky, Family 5, Stereo Total, Peter Licht, Max Müller, Egotronic, Die Zimmermänner, Isolation Berlin, Mint Mind, Die Aeronauten, Der Mann, Locas In Love, The Blood Arm, Naked Lunch, Die Liga der gewöhnlichen Gentlemen, Der Bürgermeister der Nacht, Lambert, Kiesgroup, Boy Division, Lafote, Fehlfarben, (Erobique und Pollyester).

Here are 3 tracks to pre listen:
Wenn die St.Pauli auf den Geist fällt (Stereo Total)
In diesem Sinn (Family*5)
Irrlicht (Isolation Berlin)

Ltd Box Set, Vinyl LP or Vinyl LP available from 10.2.2017!

Grelle Forelle
Spittelauer Lände 12

1090 Vienna

Tickets here