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The C/O Vienna Magazine is publishing online weekly since 2015 (90.000 readers/month, 26K Social Media) and in print once a year (approx. 300 pages, circulation 5.000, German/English). We distribute internationally. The current issue is published in autumn 2019 with the focus beauty.

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From which ingredients does beauty develop? Where do we find beautiful things in the world? What is beautiful? Who determines what is beautiful and what is ugly?

We try to answer some of these questions in the new issue on more than 260 pages: with interviews, artworks, photographs and portraits, including contributions by international reknowned photographers Bela Borsodi and Immo Klink.

From a space station we look at the beautiful Spanish horses in downtown Vienna with the NASA astronaut Chris Austin Hadfield. Cosmopolitan Praline le Moult tells of her world-famous grand-grandfather and butterfly collector Eugéne. We hike with Alice von Alten and we let ourselves be enchanted by the Healing Stones 2.0 by Sarah Steiner. We also dive into the depth of the ocean. Hold your breath, we are used to it being beautiful and weird!

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