28.2. - 27.5.18: ANNA WITT in Belvedere 21

Exhibition: performative participatory political

As usual, Anna Witt showcases performative interventions in public spaces. The Belvedere 21 Vienna dedicated a solo exhibition to the Vienna-based artist. Human flag contains different video installations which deal with the complexity of the topic work. She poses questions concerning our socialization and reflects on power structures in our society. 

"On my way to school, I pretended to faint, just to see how people would react."

"On my way to school I once pretended to faint, just to see how people would react. But nothing happened and after 20 minutes I got up from the floor and went to school, frustrated", the artist Anna Witt explains in an interview with the radio station FM4 Interview. This anecdote  reveals the performative curiosity that Anna has exhibited from early age onwards and which is also prevalent in her solo exhibition.

How do we become who we are? What do we do, what do we believe in and what do we fight for? These are questions that Anna Witt wants to explore in her solo exhibition "Human Flag" in the Viennese Belvedere 21 museum. In three video installations she negotiates different aspects of the topic “work“ and reflects on the social position that we ascribe to certain professions, for instance to sex workers.

She also raises the question how the social self is related to political and economic conditions. Her installation "Body In Progress" sheds light on optimized working and living environments and the ever-performing individual, creating an analogy between “work“ and “workout“.

We appreciate the fresh approach Stella Rolling, the new director, has brought to the Belvedere 21, representing positions such as Anna Witt or Rachel Whiteread.

You can find more information about the exhibition here!

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